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boxes2bSensory boxes from cardboard and duct tape were such a big hit at play group a few weeks ago, I decided to make more.  I would love to make a whole sensory box city some day.  That would be so cool.  Anyway, these were a big hit as well.  The first one was a big box with velcroed shapes on it.  The kids loved pulling the shapes off and putting them back over and over again.  It was great for all ages and I love the educational component.  Once a teacher…

Duct Tape Sensory Boxes for Babies and ToddlersI had a few mini ones that you could pull on either side to make the ribbon go through the box.  The pom poms prevented the ribbon from coming lose.  As you can see, these were especially adored.  This little beauty hugged and pet hers like a dolly for quite some time.

Sensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesSensory Boxes Part Two for Toddlers and Babies - duct tape and cardboard boxesSensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesThe  last  one was just a big box covered in bubble wrap.  It took the least amount of effort and thought and was definitely the biggest hit.  Isn’t that always how it goes?  The most simple things are always the best.  The kids loved jumping on it, sitting on it, pretending to go night night on it, you name it.  I’ve had it out in the back yard ever since and my kids still haven’t tired of it.  I stuffed it with packing paper so it kept it’s shape.  These sensory boxes are endless and such a good use of all those boxes we throw away.  Now the only problem is, where on earth am I going to keep them???

Sensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesSensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesZero to Two Fantastic Play Ideas for Your Baby and Toddler! This ebook is AMAZING!