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spin art sun catchersI am totally in love with these gorgeous spin art sun catchers.  You can do them jack o’ lantern style or plain.  Either way, they are so much fun and so pretty in the window.  My daughter and her sweet friend Sadie, from play group,  just loved making them.  Thanks to Sadie’s amazing nanny, Danielle, for brainstorming the idea with me!

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Spin Art Sun CatchersYou will need a clear contact paper, cardboard, bio color paints, and a salad spinner.  I got mine from Ikea, which you can now order through Amazon here!  Cut a circle from cardboard to fit in the salad spinner and cover it with contact paper.  I cut a square of contact paper first and placed it on the cardboard.  This way I could trim off the excess easily to make a circle.  Place the cardboard in the salad spinner and squeeze some bio color paints on top.  You can use nancy bottles for easy squeezing or just squeeze directly out of the bottle.  Cover the spinner and turn as fast as you can.  This part is really fun for the kids!

Spin Art Sun CatchersSpin Art Sun CatchersSpin Art Sun CatchersOpen up and admire your masterpiece then set it aside to dry. I used bio colors to make sure the paint would adhere to the contact paper.  I’m not sure if it would work with plain tempera but definitely worth a try.  When the sun catchers are dry you can peel them right off the cardboard and place them on the window.  They look beautiful!  Everyone loved this project, even this little monkey.

Spin Art Sun Catchersspin art sun catchersIf you want to give these a Halloween spin you can cut or rip black paper to make Jack O’ Lantern features and glue them on like the pic below.  They make great holiday decorations all throughout the house.  To see more spin art ideas click here for this absolute fav.  Thanks for reading along!

Halloween Jack O' Lantern Sun Catchers for kidsSpin Art Sun Catchers