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Ultimate Summer Art Supply List - Meri Cherry BlogAbout five years ago I started teaching a Sculpey art enrichment class at the school I work at.  Out of the countless art classes I’ve taught over the years, this is by far the most popular.  The kids LOVE this class.  I give them a lot of freedom, which I think is part of the appeal, but also Sculpey is just so much fun.  This week the project was finger puppets, thanks to an amazing 8 year old I know.  They were so much fun to make and really great to play with afterwards.

sculpey finger puppetsThe steps are pretty simple.  Make a ball a little bigger than your thumb.  Stick the eraser end of a pencil in the ball almost halfway down and remove.  Stick your finger into that hole and form a mushroom top over the top of your finger.  Set it on the table to flatten and smooth the bottom a little bit.  Then, add whatever details you’re in the mood for.  The kids really liked the ghost, which is the most simple.  I am all halloweened out, so I’m glad there are a lot more options than just ghosts.  I love the long hair on the one above, made by a first grader.  The amazing Miss Piggy below isn’t a finger puppet, but it’s totally awesome and I just wanted to share it, since the creator gave me the idea for the scupley finger puppets.  Thanks Frankie! Keep the ideas coming.

sculpey finger puppets