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Sculpey Hanukkah Dreidel NecklacesI know I’ve mentioned my sculpey art enrichment class before and how awesome it is, but I don’t think I’ve explained why I think the kids in my class love it so much.  With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a good time for an Ode to Sculpey post.  Here are the top 5 reasons sculpey class totally rocks.

Sculpey - Best Holiday Gift for Kids Ages 5 and Up1.  Sculpey play is successful for kids at any skill level.  I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this stuff.  Some kids are able to create intricate, detailed sculptures that require advance fine motor skills, while other kids can roll sculpey into long skinny worms and poof, they have a rainbow.  In all the years I’ve taught sculpey, which I think is about 7 now, I’ve never once heard a kid say “I can’t do sculpey.”

Sculpey Hanukah Dreidel Necklace2.  Sculpey play is open ended.  This is perhaps the most exciting thing about sculpey.  Anything goes.  Each class I come prepared with a project that the kids can choose to learn, like this Dreidel necklace for Hanukah pictured above, or kids can do free choice with the sculpey.  Some do a little of both.  Often, the project I teach leads to other, more elaborate or creative ideas.  Other times, the kid’s ideas become the driving force of the class.  Right now we have a layer cake sensation going on and I didn’t even teach layer cakes this session.  The kids from previous years taught the news kids and now they can’t get enough of these cakes.  Each class they are coming up with new ways to decorate the cakes and make the insides more interesting.  Go kids go.

Sculpey - Best Holiday Gift for Kids Ages 5 and Up3.  Sculpey colors are totally inspiring.  Polyform Sculpey basically comes in every color under the sun, which is just so much fun for kids…and adults.  You can mix the colors, swirl them, layer them, cut them, cane them, build a full blown basketball court with them.  The possibilities are endless.  Whenever I bring out a new pack of sculpey the ewws and ahhs are fantastic.

Sculpey - Best Holiday Gift for Kids Ages 5 and Up4.  Sculpey is an amazing form of self expression and creativity.  I mean, just look at this baseball field! How cool is that fence?

Sculpey - Best Holiday Gift for Kids Ages 5 and Up5.  Sculpey is great for building muscle strength and fine motor development.  Some colors are harder than others for some reason and kneading the clay until it is ready to be worked with is a great activity for kids.  In fact, as a teacher, I often recommend sculpey to parents with children who need a little fine motor strengthening.

Sculpey - Best Holiday Gift for Kids Ages 5 and UpSculpey isn’t  cheap, which is a bummer, but it does last a while, especially if you get the value pack, which I recommend.  You can also use a Michael’s coupon for 50% off and then it’s not bad at all.  There are a bunch of places to order in online for slightly less expensive if you don’t have a Michael’s near you or a coupon.

So there you have it folks, the Top 5 reasons why sculpey totally rocks and will make a fantastic holiday gift for the kids in your life.  Oh, I forgot one more thing.  It keeps kids busy for HOURS.  So, it’s a gift for you too.  Happy holidays!

Hanukkah Sculpey Dreidel Fun