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Instagram Art for kidsOut of all forms of social media Instagram is my absolute favorite.  I love building a community through pictures.  You get this great window into peoples lives that you may admire or find interesting.  I’ve met so many people through instagram and have gotten reacquainted with so many old friends.  It’s quick, easy and can be fantastically creative.  You can follow me at MeriCherryLa. Introduce yourself!

Instagram KidsYes, I post a lot of pics of my girls, Gigi and D.  C’mon, I’m a mother.  I love that I have a hashtag for both of them and can look back on all their pics over the years or share pics with anyone wherever I am.  Online instant picture albums of all my favorite shots.  It’s amazing.  Though I do wish you could scroll down or side to side within an account or hashtag, right?  That would be so great.  I also share lots of pics of all the art I’m currently working on, either with my students, like this bottle cap mural, or at home with my girls.

bottlecap mural art on instagramThere are so many awesome instagram accounts out there.  Here are three of my favorites to check out. I wish they all would post more!  Their pics are so inspiring!

Cetinburcu, SmallHandsBigArt, OneMoreMushroom