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Heart sock puppets craft for kidsWhat, on earth, happens to socks when they go into the laundry?  It’s like this big mystery no one on the planet can figure out.  I definitely can’t.  I swear, we have a bin of over thirty socks that have lost their match.  How is this possible?  They go in there.  I know that.  But they don’t come out.  It’s like some crazy sock cult.  Anyway, in an effort to bring some solace to this crazy mismatched sock situation, I introduce Little Lovies, sock puppets for your little ones.  Aren’t they sweet?  I made one for Gigi and one for D and may start including them as gifts with a little tag that says their name, likes and dislikes.  That kind of thing.

littlelovies1All you need are cotton balls, glue, some buttons for embellishments and a lonely sock.  Stuff the cotton balls in the sock, as much as you want, and tie a knot after.  If you want to get a heart shape for the head, after stuffing the cotton balls, tie a knot with the end of the sock around the head, in between where the eyes would be.  Leave it for a while.  This makes an indentation for the heart shape.  I left it for about ten minutes.  Then, untie it and tie the knot after the cotton balls.  Glue on buttons for the facial features and more cotton for the hair.  Let dry and love them.  

Heart sock puppets craft for kids Heart sock puppets craft for kids