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Rockin Art Moms on PinterestAbout a year ago a friend asked me why I blog.  I had never been asked that before.  I had never even asked myself that before so it took me a minute to answer her.  Among answers like “It’s a great way to share creativity,” “I love documenting my family’s experiences,” and “Who knows what opportunities it may bring into my life,” I remember saying “I like being part of a community.”  At the time, I didn’t really know what that meant, but I knew somehow, my blog was going to bring community into my life.  Today, I am so excited to introduce you to my very special art community.  Ten amazing kid’s art bloggers have  united to create something really special.  We call ourselves the RAMS, Rockin’ Art Moms.  (You’re allowed to be really cheesy like that online.  It’s written somewhere.)  We’ve gotten together because we all firmly believe that art is a critical component of fostering healthy and happy children.  Art is Power.  Not the kind of power that makes someone the boss, the kind of power that gives kids confidence at their core.  The kind of power that says I have value.  Here I am.  Ladies and Gentlemen,  I present, the RAMS.  I’ve included a link to some of the posts that made me fall in love with these women in the first place.

Stephanie at Twodaloo.

Ana at BabbleDabbleDo

Jeanette at Artchoo

Bar at Art Bar

Gina at Willowday

Kristen at Art History Mom

Asia at Fun at Home with Kids

Suja at BlogMeMom

Melissa at Green Owl Art

And ME : )

To kick off our RAM launch, we are bringing you a Rockin’ Art Moms Pinterest Board, THE go to source for fantastic art ideas for kids of all ages.  You’ll find great sensory activities for the young ones, like this one ingredient slime, to super cool washer necklaces for the older ones.  Just click here to follow along.  You will not regret it.  We’re only getting started too! So please join our community and be a part of the fun.  More RAM announcements and projects coming soon!!!

Rockin Art Moms on Pinterest