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Friendship | Meri Cherry BlogI’ve been thinking a lot about friendship lately.  Ev’s had the same best friend since he was 12 years old.  Rumor has it they used to plan their lives out together.  Live on a cul de sac.  Have kids at the same time.  The kids would be best friends and every Sunday they’d have dinner together.   It’s 30 years later and they got everything but the cul de sac.  Pretty amazing actually to see second generation best friends that truly love each other and are somehow connected on the deepest level.  It’s been like that always.  These two girls are in love.  There was no parallel play.  There was just Gigi and Emma.  For me, for all the parents of these two, it’s special beyond words.  We gush over them.  We peek in their room and crack up.  We hug harder because we know it’s bigger than just us now.

Friendship | Meri Cherry BlogFriendship | Meri Cherry BlogMy two best friends live in New York.  Of course I have wonderful friends here in Los Angeles, but my childhood best friends forever, are across the ocean.  I think about them all the time and long to spend hours chatting away while our kids play together.   We know each other inside and out.  No judgement,  just acceptance, and a serious amount of laughter.  The kind that makes you beg for mercy.  I miss it in my bones sometimes but it’s something I’ve learned to live with.  They live there and I live here.  But I miss them everyday.  I had another best friend, since I was 12, but she ended our friendship coming up on five years ago.  I think about her a lot and wonder if we’ll ever rekindle our friendship.  I used to think yes.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Life is surprising like that.

Friendship | Meri Cherry BlogFriendship | Meri Cherry BlogFriendship | Meri Cherry Blog Recently, I felt that talk all night and laugh till you cry feeling again from a new friendship.    A fellow blogger I met online, came out to California with her two amazing children.  We met because I stalked her blog for over a year and did everything I could to slowly get her into my life.  You never know what meeting face to face will be like, after months of emails and instagram exchanges.  From the minute we hugged hello, I  knew it was a friendship to last.  We’ve only just begun our friendship journey together, but I love knowing that you never know what new friendships are going to come into your life and how they might change you.  It’s Monday morning.  I’m on vacation for one more week and for some reason feeling nostalgic and thoughtful about friendship.  I once heard someone say that some friends come into our lives for a season and some come for a lifetime.  I am learning to appreciate both.  I pray that my daughter’s have lifelong friendships, and if they have seasonal ones, I hope they love and accept those too.  Because friendship, of all kinds, is the best.

Friendship | Meri Cherry Blog