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Make Unicorn Necklaces for kids - so much fun!I think I mentioned that art camp for the older kids totally rocked this past summer.  We made all sorts of awesome things, like parachute cord vases and embroidered Vans.  We also made these super cool sculpey necklaces that would be so perfect for a back to school art project or play date.  This little unicorn is so sweet and so much fun to make.  If there is one thing I’ve learned over years and years of teaching art, it’s that kids love sculpey.  They really can’t get enough of the stuff.  So read on to find out how to make this unicorn necklace for kids.  Next week I’ll be sharing Sculpey Necklaces – part two – the 3-5 year old version.

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Make Back to School  Sculpey Necklaces - art activity for kidsTo do this project you’re going to need five things.  1. white sculpey.  2. my secret weapon.  3. these awesome paint markers.  4.  wood beads.  5. some nice cord or suede.  (I totally want this kit.) Once you have those things you’re all set to take the first step.  Go online and find a picture of something you really like.  Clip art works great.  In this case, we chose a unicorn.  Print it out and cut it out around the edges.

Make Back to School  Sculpey Necklaces - art activity for kidsThis next part is the part that kids go bonkers for – my secret weapon.  Put the white sculpey through the secret weapon and listen for oohs and ahhs.  If you don’t want to use my secret weapon, try a rolling pin.  It will get you pretty close.  Once you have a big enough piece all flattened out and ready to go, place your cut out on top of it.  Take an exacto knife and cut all around the paper.  Try to be as exact as you can.  An adult can do this part or an older child if supervised.

unicorn4Make Back to School  Sculpey Necklaces - art activity for kidsOnce your sculpey is cut out and baked (baking temperatures and times are on the back of the package), use your paint markers to decorate it.  We kept our unicorn pretty simple, using gold, pink, red and a little white.  Don’t forget to poke two little holes on either side of your cutout that you can run the cord through before baking.  Tie the cord of your choice to one of the holes and add painted wood beads for a final touch.  You can read our bead painting tutorial here.

unicorn10Make Back to School  Sculpey Necklaces - art activity for kidsHere’s what the unicorn looks like from the back.  If you’re feeling ambitious, paint both sides.  You can do one side in one color scheme, and the other in another.  It can be a reversible sculpey necklace! Cool!  Like I said, I’ll be posting a younger version of this necklace next week.

In the meantime, we are loving our Unicorn Necklaces for Kids. Thanks for reading along. xo Meri

Make Back to School  Sculpey Necklaces - art activity for kids