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DIY Art Gift Baskets and The Best Art Supplies to Put in ThemIt’s hard to believe but the holidays are almost upon us.  I am determined to be prepared this year and diy art gift baskets are my solution.  My girls love arts and crafts and so do their friends so I’m going to put together gift baskets in all shapes and sizes, filled with all of my favorite art supplies for kids.  I’ve created a whole list of all of my favorites from years of experience teaching art.  I’ve also included suggestions for themed art project baskets.  Sort of like a ready to go art project in a basket.  It will be the hit of holidays.  If you want to go straight to my favorite art supply list,  just scroll down towards the bottom of this post.

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Make Your Own Holiday Gift Baskets for Art Lovers*This post contains affiliate links.

The first think you’ll need is some sort of basket, container or crate.  I made this one with a wood crate I found at Michaels on sale.  They have similar ones online like this one. You could also go with a regular basket like this one. Thrift stores are always a great source for baskets.  Sometimes you can get one for as little as 50 cents.  Once you have the basket of your choice, choose a filler to bulk up the bottom of the basket and make it look pretty.  I like this shredded paper in holiday colors like red or green.

Make Your Own Holiday Gift Baskets for Art LoversIf you choose a crate, you can decorate it with washi tape and put a message on with sticky letters or glue on letters.  I got these letters at Michaels.  I really need to be Michaels pay roll.  I live at that store.  It’s actually around the corner from my house and I am like a moth to the flame.  Anyway, you can also order any of this stuff online.  Here are some links for washi tape and cool decorative letters.

Make Your Own Holiday Gift Baskets for Art LoversI wrote Happy Holidays but you could put the child’s name or write art box or anything else.

Ok, so now you have your container all ready to go.  Now you need to fill it.  The cool thing about a holiday gift basket is that you never have to leave the house to put it together.  You can order everything online and make it super easy.  Here is a list of some of my favorite art supplies to get for kids.  If you’re new to my site, I’ve been an art teacher for almost 20 years, so my favorites are based on years of trial and error. Ok, so my faves. Here you go.

Make Your Own Holiday Gift Baskets for Art LoversMy Favorite Art Supplies…

1.  Buddha Board – This is my go to art gift for kids because it’s a gift for the kids as well as the parents.  Lots of painting with NO MESS.  It comes in a large or mini size.  I love both but the mini Buddha Board comes at a great price and fits perfectly in a gift basket.  Love this item!

2.  Sculpey – Awesome polymer clay for ages four and up.  Kids can’t get enough of this stuff.  I promise you! Kids LOVE  sculpey. Check out these sculpey clay bowls we made with my daughters.  The whole process was amazing.

For a themed Sculpey Art Basket try – this sculpey multipack, a craft machine aka my secret weapon, these cookie cutters, and these sculpey tools.  Any kid would be thrilled to get this art basket.  For real.

3. Paint Dots – I love paint dots for young children.  They are a great non messy way to work with paint and they come in awesome neon colors.  Great for ages two and up.  Check out this paint dot mural we made together.

4.  Snazaroo Face Painting Kit – This can be for any age and we all know kids love to get their face painted.  This face painting set would be ideal if there is a teenager in the house with younger siblings.  We had a face painting party to celebrate the children’s classic Elmer.  Check it out!

5.  Pom Pom Makers– This is a favorite for ages 9 and up.  Kids love to make pom poms.  You can include some great color yarns and they can start right away.  We made pom pom flower pops with 9-12 year olds and they were a big hit!

For a themed Pom Pom Kit you can include Pom Pom Makers in all sizes, a few skeins of yarn, a glue gun, and some headbands, barrettes , and pencils for pom pom pencil toppers.  Kids can decorate any of these items with the pom poms.  They’ll love it!

Make Your Own Holiday Gift Baskets for Art Lovers6. Funchalk Markers – These are my new absolute favorite markers.  Great for picture frames, windows, and anything plastic.  My kids LOVE these. – These are my favorite favorite markets for plastic or non porous surfaces.  The colors are incredible and they have a fantastic opaque quality.  Add a plastic picture frame to the gift basket with these markers and they will love it! Promise.  These are amazing!!!

7.  Neon Sharpies – Who doesn’t love neon?  I take these to all my art classes every week and the kids can’t get enough of them.

8.  Watercolor Paint Set – A beautiful watercolor set is such a nice gift for a blooming artist.  Watercolors in a palette are another little mess way to introduce young children to color and painting.  I recommend these for little kids two and up.  We also love liquid watercolors, which are a little more advanced but amazing.  Here is a great watercolor project I love to do with kids, family portraits.

9.  Paper Pads – With all these great painting and drawing materials, it would be great to include some paper.  A little watercolor paper postcards set is a favorite, as well as a mixed media pad.  You also can’t go wrong with this watercolor pad which works great for liquid watercolors and a palette set.

10.  Washi or Masking Tape – We’re obsessed with tape at my house. There is nothing you can do with this stuff. It’s a perfect addition to an art basket.

11. My Favorite Paint Set – Hands down my favorite paint set. Get it and see smiles. The colors rule!  See them in action with these Heart Dream Catchers.

Drawing and Painting Basket – Put all the top items together and you’re golden and the hit of the party.

Oh, and if you want to include an art book or two, here are some of my favorites!

The Artful Parent – Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life With Creativity
Tinkerlab – A Hands On Guide for Little Innovators
Fun At Home With Kids – 150 Screen Free Activities for Kids

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this is helpful!!!  xo Meri

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