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Christmas Cloud DoughA few days ago I noticed that 1000’s of people had shared and liked Happy Hooligans post on Cloud Dough.  I had seen it before but it never really registered as something I should be trying with my girls.  Umm…hello??!!!  There is a reason cloud dough is done over and over again in homes across the nation.  It’s freaking awesome! We’re totally addicted to this fantastic sensory experience.  The first day my girls tried it they played for an hour and half.  The second day they played for a little over an hour.  Moms…I’m telling you, this stuff is so simple and so awesome and you must try it.  To get the recipe click over to Jackie’s cloud dough post.  She’s the amazing author behind Happy Hooligans and a friend who has been super supportive of my blogging career so I’m so happy to send her some love.  We changed it up just a little to make our Christmas Cloud Dough because we’re cool like that and my girls are obsessed with Christmas, which is interesting since we’re Jewish.  Anyway, do this.  It’s really fun.  Here’s what we did.

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First, we made the cloud dough.  Click here for the two ingredient recipe.  It was super easy and my girls were totally able to do almost every step.  I did the final mixing.  Then I set out a large plastic tablecloth in our backyard.  A lot of people ask me where I get my tablecloths for crafting and sensory.  I love the ones from Target.  They are usually on an island somewhere in the home department.  Every season they seem to have new patterns.  I also like this white one from Amazon that you can throw in the wash.

Christmas Cloud DoughAfter the tablecloth, I set down the large bowl of cloud dough, not yet Christmas-a-fied and some bowls, ice cream scoopers, sifters, mixers, containers, anything that looked fun from the kitchen.  And then I added the magical secret ingredient, red felt and green crystal sprinkles.  They went freaking bonkers with the shaking and mixing and who knows what.  I am telling you these girls were biiiiiiizeeee.  I couldn’t believe it.  We have done tons of sensory stuff before, from ooblek to rainbow jello, but nothing seemed to capture them like Christmas Cloud Dough.  Maybe it’s because they are a little older now, 3.5 and 2, but man, they rocked this stuff.

[quicktime]http://www.mericherry.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/DSC_9940.mov[/quicktime]We brought the whole lot of it to Palm Springs for the weekend in a ziploc and they did it all over again the next day! It was awesome.  We didn’t have a tablecloth so we just used two big towels and it worked just fine.

Christmas Cloud DoughChristmas Cloud DoughSo, though I want my girls to focus on dreidels and hanukkiahs, right now they are all about Christmas Cloud Dough.  I guess I have to get some blue and silver sprinkles next time.  Happy playing everyone! Meri

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