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Make Lickable WallpaperIt’s week four of our Christmas Sensory Play Series and our last week is TASTE!  I decided to go for something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Who doesn’t love the lickable wallpaper scene from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory?!  We are big fans in our house and my girls love candy (what’s a mother to do?) so why not live it up this holiday season and make yummy lickable wallpaper!  My girls went nutso over this.  The effort was well worth the squeals of glee as they licked every last bit off the wall.

Make Lickable Wallpaper *This post contains affiliate links.

You’ll need four materials for this activity –  fruit roll ups (the wide kind that rolls up like the one above.  of course you can make your own healthier kind too.  i’m not cool like that.) cookie cutters in any shape, parchment paper and a sock (trust me)

Make Lickable Wallpaper The first step is to roll out the fruit roll up on parchment paper.  Place the sock on your hand.  Get a cookie cutter and place it over the roll up and push.  Push hard! The sock will protect your hand because man oh man, if your cookie cutter isn’t super sharp it’s really hard to push through the rollup and get a good cut.  Forget about the plastic cookie cutters for this too.  You have to use the metal ones.  The stars and hearts worked best for me, which is why you see a lot of them.  The letters were super hard so unless you have mega patience I’d stick with the basics.  But like I said, think of the squeals of joy and it’s all worth it!  Place the cut outs on another piece of parchment in any design you want and you’re ready to tape it to the wall.

lickablewallpaper3Make Lickable Wallpaper When my girls got home from school I had the lickable wallpaper scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all cued up.  We watched it and then I innocently asked my girls if they would want lickable wallpaper.  They started jumping up and down “yes! yes! yes!”  Then I told them their was a surprise waiting for them in their room.

Make Lickable WallpaperMake Lickable WallpaperThey ran in and saw the wallpaper immediately.  Gigi at first didn’t get it.  She just touched it and gasped.  Then I told them they can lick it and look out! They were licking maniacs, going bonkers, squealing in delight.  They couldn’t believe it.  Evan and I were cracking up.  I am still sad I don’t have it on video.

Make Lickable Wallpaper Make Lickable WallpaperAfter they licked they took the paper down off the wall and ate the rest of the fruit rollups.  Then they begged to make their own which sort of caught me off guard so I quickly put some fruit roll ups on a plate and gave them scissors.  Seemed to do the trick, since the cookie cutters would have been too hard.  Fruit roll ups are actually really fun to cut.

Make Lickable Wallpaper Five senses Christmas SeriesOverall, this was so much freaking fun and so worth the effort.  Here are two of my other favorite sensory play ideas Santa Binoculars and Jingle Bell Noisemakers

Stay tuned for the last sense – Smell – for next week’s post.  I hope you’re enjoying this holiday series.  Please take the time to check out these other great TASTE posts by some incredibly talented blogging friends.  Wishing you all a happy holiday season! Meri

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Make Lickable Wallpaper