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Family Photo Shadow Box OrnamentsDo you guys know MamaMiss?  Melissa is a fellow RAM (Rockin Art Mom) and does fantastic craft tutorials, recipes and more.  She’s doing a fab series on kid made ornaments related to favorite children’s books.  I think there are like 70 different kid made ornaments in the series.  It’s really amazing.  These Family Photo Shadow boxes are inspired by our favorite favorite children’s book.  Keep reading to make sure you have the book and to see how to make these memorable family keepsakes.

Family Photo Shadow Box Ornaments*This post contains affiliate links.

So first, the book.  As you can see above, it’s the amazing and somewhat heart wrenching picture book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.  We got two inscribed copies when Gigi was born, both from amazing aunties on both sides of the family.  The first time I read the book I could not stop crying.  It’s the story of a mom and her baby boy and how she loves him forever.  Here’s a little snippet from the book curtesy of Gigi.  If you listen closely you can hear D join her at the end and it kills me every time I hear it.


What I love about the book is that it’s insanely poignant for parents but also totally thoughtful and feel good for the kids reading it.  It makes me realize how every moment is so special with these little people that grow up so very fast.  I want to capture every moment and savor it forever.  That’s where the shadow boxes come in.  You can save these for years and keep adding special moments you never want to forget.  You can reminisce about them too and talk about who made what when.  I really love them so much.  My husband made one too actually.  Can you guess which one is his?

Family Photo Shadow Box OrnamentsOk, so you want to know how to make them?  Here are the steps.  I’m sorry I don’t have pics to go along with each step but I plan to add them and feel free to ask me any questions.  Kids can definitely make these.  I made them for a slightly different project with 5 and 6 year olds and they totally rocked it.

You will need – a gift box (I used this one.  You can also recycle something from the cupboard or buy one at your local craft store), a photo, transparency paper, chalk markers or sharpies, washi tape, pipe cleaners, string or yarn and scissors.

Step 1.  Print out your favorite photo small enough that it fits in your box.  You can cut it down to size.  I used instagram pics that were already in a square.

Step 2.  Cut a piece of transparency paper to the same size as the pic.  It should be the size of the perimeter of the box.  Place the transparency over the pic.  With sharpies or chalk markers make a cool border, trace the pic, add stars, etc. Do whatever you think will make it look nice.  I find simple borders work wonders.  You can write a message or a name too.  If the transparency is moving around too much, tape it to the pic and then remove the tape.

Family Photo Shadow Box OrnamentsStep 3. Glue your pic into the box. Set the transparency to the side.

Step 4.  Take your scissors and poke a little hole on the top of the box.  Insert both ends of a trimmed down pipe cleaner and twist them together in the box so it can’t come out.  If you use a piece of yarn or string, make a little knot first and then stick the loop part up through the hole.  If the string is hard to get through the hole, use a skewer or toothpick to stick it through and then with your fingertips pull it up.

Step 5.  Tape the transparency to the side of the box.  You can use washi tape or scotch tape.  Put a little piece of tape on all four sides to make sure it stays in place.  You can add a whole washi border if you want.  You are ready to hang.

Above is a little impromptu tree we made and used duct tape to stick on the shadow boxes and pipe cleaner squiggles.

10 Days of Kid Made Christmas OrnamentsAnd that’s how you make Family Photo Shadow Boxes.  Here’s another fun ornament idea you can do with your kids and here is my favorite Christmas sensory activity.  My kids go nuts over this stuff.

Like I said there are so many great ideas as part of this series.  You have to check these out.  Thanks for reading along!

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Family Photo Shadow Box Ornaments