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Be Mine Vision Board - Find Your True LoveWhen I turned 30 (ten years ago) and almost all of my friends were married already, some having kids, it felt overwhelming and a little/a lot scary not to have found my own true love.  I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer (ha, can you tell?) so what’s a girl to do but make a Be Mine Sticker Vision Board?  Yup, I went straight to the sticker store in the heart of LA’s most famous farmer’s market and I bought every lovey dovey sticker that made me feel good and represented the kind of loving partnership I wanted in my life.  I must have spent 50 bucks on stickers.  I was on a mission.  I am beyond grateful to say it was the best 50 dollars I’ve ever spent.  I found the love of my life and a true partner in this crazy life.  Do you see the cherries in the top right?!!!  Crazy!  This week has been a challenging one, and I am so grateful to have come across this vision board, still going strong, that reminds me to trust the universe and with a little/a lot of vision, things have a way of working themselves out.

Oh, and a quick note, you can make a sticker vision board for anything, love, career, balance, whatever you need more of in your life.  I made this on a recycled gift box.  You can do it on cardboard, canvas, a piece of paper, whatever.  Just do it.  And love it.  Stare at it.  Put every ounce of love you have into it and go get em tiger. xo Meri

Be Mine Vision Board - Find Your True LoveBe Mine Vision Board - Find Your True LoveBe Mine Vision Board - Find Your True LoveBe Mine Vision Board - Find Your True LoveIf you like this idea, you might want to check out another vision board I made here.  It’s still going strong too.  Thanks for reading along and Happy Valentine’s!!!

Be Mine Vision Board - Find Your True Love

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