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Recycled Records - Process Art For KidsIt’s Rockin’ Records time part 2.  The first time we tried upcycling old records for art projects we had a blast but I wasn’t so happy with the staying power of some of the materials we used.  Some of the gems fell off with the puffy paint. Since old records are pretty easy to come by and so much fun to create with, I decided to revisit this project and make it full proof.  I think we’ve got it down now.  Check out our recycled record art!

Recycled Records - Process Art For Kids*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you so much for your support!

You will need…


an old scratched up record

Funchalk Markers (we love these markers and use them for all kinds of projects)

metallic markers style=

White Glue (I like to use glue in small squeeze bottles)

colored sand style=

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsSteps

1. The first step is to say we’re going to have a Rockin’ Record party.  If you’re lucky you have a record player and you can show your kids how a record works, otherwise, they will likely look at you like what the heck is that?

Use old records to create fantastic art for kids2. Invite your child or students to make some interesting marks on their records.  I like to hand out metallic markers first with younger children and then the FunChalk markers so they experience both in different stages. Putting them out all at once works well too though. Sometimes we play Simon Says Draw with the markers.  For example, Simon Says draw 3 circles, etc. With older kids we’ve drawn mandalas with the markers and they come out awesome!!! The FunChalk markers glide right over the record, making it really engaging for the kids. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsAs you can see, these kids were way into seeing all the different colors on the black records.  The contrast is really exciting.

The one thing about FunCHALK Markers style= is that the caps can be challenging to put back on for little hands.  I trouble shoot this ahead of time with the kids and turn it into a fun challenge by finding a “cap master.”  I demonstrate how to put the hole in the cap directly over the tip of the marker and then say if anyone becomes a cap master they can help all the other friends. That usually helps take away any frustration and gets the kids excited to try to be a cap master.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsStep 3.

Get out the squeeze glue and squeeze some lines or blobs around your record.  I do remind the kids that “A little dab’ll do ya,” to our favorite tune. With older kids they can follow the lines of their mandala to add to their design. Then take the sand (you can put your sand in squeeze bottles too.  Kids love to squeeze!) and squeeze out the sand over the glue.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kids*NOTE* Remind kids not to let the tip of the sand bottle touch the glue. If any of the bottles get clogged, you can clean with a pipe cleaner or snip off the top with a scissor.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsThese recently turned 3 year olds loved it and kept squeezing and squeezing.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsThe beautiful colored sand over the Funchalk designs look so happy and fun no matter what the age.  I did this with 2nd graders and they loved it!

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsOnce you have the sand covering the glue, lean your record over a tray or tub and let the excess sand fall off.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsI let the kids do this themselves and they all totally got it. Yes, there was some wasted sand, but I end up putting all the sand from the tray back into a squeeze bottle and let them keep using it, so it’s no big deal.

Use old records to create fantastic art for kidsThe kids love to touch the sand in the sand tray too. The colors all mix together and feel really soft.

My oldest made this recycled record art.  She was really into the sand. There is a FunCHALK Markers style= design hiding under there somewhere. It’s so sturdy with the glue and sand.  Nothin’s coming off this baby. You can easily hang it by putting a thumbtack in the middle hole and pushing it into the wall.

Recycled Records - Process Art For KidsSorry for the picture overload but isn’t recycled record art so cool? If you like this idea, check out our salt painting collages.  Those are really fun too.

Thanks for reading along everyone.  Really appreciate it! xo Meri

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Recycled Records - Process Art For KidsRecycled Records - Process Art For Kids