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Why do you Choose Creativity?January 18th is Choose Creativity Day, in honor of two little artistic souls, Lulu and Leo, who lost their lives way to early, in an unthinkable way.  Today we celebrate creativity by being creative in all different kind of ways.  In honor of Lulu and Leo I am sharing …

Why do you Choose Creativity?11 Reasons to Choose Creativity

My hope is to inspire you to be creative today and everyday. It can be something as small as getting out the crayons and coloring with your child, to something bigger, like getting out a shoebox and making a diorama.  Anything that makes you feel creative, go for it! Please share you creativity on instagram by using the #choosecreativity hashtag.

(all photos in this post were taken during our Choose Creativity Sculpture Making art class by the talented and thoughtful Laura Ise Photography who inspired me to write this post.)

Why do you Choose Creativity?so here goes…

11 Reasons to Choose Creativity

1. It feels really good to make something with your own two hands.

2. Creating connects us to Spirit, the universe, God, energy, whatever you want to collect “it.”  Art connects us to “it.”

3. Art helps us remember who we are.

Why do you Choose Creativity?4. Creativity makes tricky real life stuff feel smaller.

5. Creativity gives us the freedom to share our ideas with the world.

6. Making art exercises our brain muscles and makes us smarter.

Why do you Choose Creativity?7. Learning more about different tools and the way artists use them, helps us figure other things out.

8. Art connects us to community.

9. Sharing art with others makes the world a better place.

Why do you Choose Creativity?10. Doing art makes us happier and more open minded beings.

11. Art keeps us young at heart.

Why do you Choose Creativity?Why do you Choose Creativity?Want to download a free copy of 11 Reasons to Choose Creativity? Click here.

11 Reasons to Choose Creativity

Why do you Choose Creativity?

Please share your reasons in the comments below. Thanks reading along and may we all rise from pain to create something wonderful. xo, Meri

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