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Mid Century Modern House TourAbout two and a half years ago I was at a party and got introduced to an energetic, kind and fabulously chic woman by the name of Morgan Pansing.  Turns out Morgan was a relatively new photographer on the scene in Los Angeles, eager to get out there and make things happen.  I was immediately drawn to her and we soon became EIFs. (Entrepreneurially Inspired friends. I just made that term up.)

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Mid Century Modern House TourFast forward, almost three years, this is our third family photoshoot with Morgan.  First we did a Valentine’s Day shoot that was super fun, combined with some handmade photo shoot props.  Then we did a family shoot in our old house which I still have to post about. Remember this playhouse?? And one time we just had a playdate and Morgan reminded me of how important it is for moms to get in the pic!

Meri Cherry FamilyAnd now this mini house tour.  It’s a mini tour because even though we moved into our house almost 10 months ago, we are still working on some big things, like blinds…and a fireplace…and a master bath…to name a few.  So I can’t share our whole house…yet.

Mid Century Modern House TourBut, I can definitely share the happiness in our play room, where we do most of our making and messing around. It’s a big work in progress but that’s kind of what I love about it.  It will always be changing and growing, like us.  I really see a playroom as a reflection of the family and where we are at at any given moment.

Mid Century Modern House TourRight now, we have a lot going on and so does the playroom.

Mid Century Modern House TourWe can also share our living room.  It’s our dog Billie’s favorite space, which is why there is always dog hair all over the couch and the pillows never stay fluffy the way I want them to.  But that’s real life right?

Mid Century Modern House TourMid Century Modern House TourSee that wall hanging on the wall?  My mother in law MADE THAT! Yeah, it’s insane.  It has mirrors in it.  Enough said. And see that big blue painting below?  Gigi MADE THAT! Yup, my then 3 and half year old.  You can see her repainting this thrift store canvas here. It’s really inspiring.

Mid Century Modern House TourLastly, we can definitely share some pics of my girl’s rooms.  They are very happy and slightly over the top spaces, like my girls (and their mama.)

Mid Century Modern House TourDidi has about a million and one wall hangings and dream catchers hanging up all over the place.  The girl can never make one of anything.  It’s 20 or nothing with this one.

Mid Century Modern House TourBoth of my girl’s rooms are filled with thrift store finds, like the lucite bookcase below my friend helped me find for less than 10 bucks, in addition to store bought favorites, like the horse set below.  We’ve had this barn with horses for 4 years and my girls still love it! In case you’re interested, here’s the link.  We love ours.

Melissa & Doug Horse Stable Play Set

Mid Century Modern House TourMid Century Modern House TourMy girl’s rooms are filled with little vignettes that totally tell a story about what they are into.  I love the way Morgan captured these mini chapters in their lives.

Mid Century Modern House TourMid Century Modern House TourSo yes, we have a long way to go in our house before I feel like I want to share the whole house, but more importantly, we’ve got a whole lotta love in this house and that is what I am so happy to share.

Mid Century Modern House TourI hope you’ve enjoyed our mini house tour.  I look forward to finishing more projects around the house so I can share them with you.  In the meantime, thanks for reading along and thanks for these memories Morgan! xo, Meri

Mid Century Modern House Tour