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Best Art Studio For Kids in Los AngelesThe Art Studio has officially been open for six months.  It’s hard to believe because when you walk in it has a feeling of being around forever.  There have been a ton of firsts over these six months, both really exciting and often unexpected.  I thought it would be fun to reflect a little bit on the highlights of the studio and talk about what’s to come.

The first week we opened we had a pop up class over the weekend. I remember looking out onto a sold out crowd of so many friends and family members that have supported my journey over the years and feeling so moved and proud that we had gotten to this point.  Oh, and Joy Cho from Oh Joy came and I nearly had a heart attack.  Joy has been a long time inspiration to me and I was thrilled to have her and her daughter, Ruby, in the studio. I thought, if this was foreshadowing for what was to come, game on!

Meri Cherry birthday partiesThen, to my draw dropping surprise, THIS ARTICLE by Red Tricycle came out and you literally had to pick me up from the floor after reading each paragraph.  I mean, it started off comparing the studio to Willy Wonka.  I was like WHAT iS HAPPENING?!!?!

Soon after that, the phone started ringing with the same question, “Do you guys do birthday parties?”  Every time it happened I would look at my husband Ev, and say, “I think a lot of people might want to have their birthday party here?” with this sort of perplexed look on my face. Seems foolish now, but I never really thought about birthday parties as a big part of our studio.  Now, six months later, and people starting to book parties six months out, I can’t believe it.  The answer is YES! We definitely host birthday parties, and THANK YOU!!!

Check out open studio at this amazing art studio for kids!Next, I got a POS system that was supposed to be the best out there, and well, it’s just not.  So, if you’ve tried to book a class or a ladies craft night or open studio and come up short, I really truly apologize.  We are going to make one last stitch effort to make it work.  Apparently, I can get my own app now through the system and hopefully that will make things super easy and quick.  If not, we’re jumping ship. Thank you for your patience!!

What else has happened?  Open Studio! Oh my god, my love, my passion, my heart.  Open studio is the best and our Tuesdays are off the chain with busy workers hammering, tinkering, glittering and more.  Wednesdays are open for open studio too but for some reason, it just hasn’t been jam packed like Tuesdays.  So if you are looking to experience open studio for the first time, Wednesday from 3-5 is a great day.  Come on over.

Somewhere in here we also had our first Ladies Craft Night, and our second and our third, and we are about to have our 4th.  January 19th for a super chill night chatting, snacking, beveraging and making Dream Catchers.  No Kids Allowed and you don’t have to be a mom to sign up. Come join us!

A Magical Family Art Experience that brings the whole family togetherI know I’m forgetting something else important.  Oh my gosh, yes, Family Sessions.  We started a long time dream of mine where families and friends can rent the studio for a private art session that can move mountains, or at least provide you with killer art for your living room. Learn more about it here.

Oh, and the most important thing, my team! The amazing Olivia Mandel was already on board pre studio.  She teaches all Meri Cherry private art classes all over the city and is totally amazing.  And then Eryn Munoz joined us in August and completed the inner circle like I never thought possible.  Sometimes I feel like I couldn’t exist without these two powerhouses.  They make my days brighter and my nights more sound. So thank you ladies!

And those are the 2016/2017  Meri Cherry Art Studio for Kids Highlights.  Thank you for caring enough to read along.  I’m so grateful to the Los Angeles community and Instagram community that has supported me every step of the way.  Feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.  xo, Meri

Meri Cherry Art Studio for kids