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Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018It’s time for our family holiday gift guide including 5 Big Purchases I don’t regret buying my kids and our favorite art supplies for 2018. Last year’s list was such a hit that I’m doing it again with our new favorites.  One item is a repeat because it’s super awesome and all the rest are new suggestions that we absolutely love and do not regret buying our family for a second.  They are all great family gifts that keep on giving. Happy Holidays!

Here are The Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies for 2018

*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your support. All of the best pics in this post are by Neil Apodaca.

Best Family Gifts - knock hockeyNok Hockey

This was my favorite family gift of the year.  We had this exact Nok hockey set in our house growing up and I was so psyched when it appeared on our front door for my five year old’s birthday from her aunt and uncle.  It’s such a fun game and can easily be stored under a bed or up against a wall if not in use.  We love it! *If you get it, there are a ton of really cool shots my dad taught me when I was young and my girl’s have now mastered.  I’m sure you can look up Nok Hockey shots on Youtube and learn them too.

Fort Magic TheaterFort Magic

This is my one repeat from last year’s list because it’s that awesome and totally grows with your family.  We LOVE our Fort Magic Kit.  Check out the nail salon we made another time.  This holiday season we decided to make a Theater of Performing Arts because my older daughter is big into performing.  She wants to be an actress so creating a theater with the fort kit was the perfect fit.  We’ll be performing all month so if you want to grab tickets, let me know : )  The kit is easy to store, has super helpful clips that help you attach any fabric and now they have special fabrics to different creations.  Definitely worth the price tag.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018Micro Kickboard Scooter

If you’ve watched my instagram stories you know my girls are hardcore scooters.  We live in sunny Southern California so riding around outside is pretty much an all year option.  We also have polished concrete floors, so my girls just scoot their little hearts out all around the house.  Both my 5 and 6 year olds loooooove these scooters. They come in two sizes (2-5) and then one for older kids.  We have the 2-5 size for both my girls and they are still great and both my girls are pretty tall.  Love, love, love these scooters.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018Sonos Speakers

Another thing you’ve probably noticed from my stories is that we are a music family.  We constantly are playing our favorite pandora stations and songs throughout the house on our Sonos speakers.  The sound is incredible and each speaker can get really loud and still sound great.  We have one the girl’s rooms and then a few around other areas of the house.  It’s so nice to turn the tv off and listen to our favorite songs while creating, hanging and scootering (of course.)  Not to mention, the dance parties are pretty epic.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Ok, so maybe this is more a gift for the parents, but c’mon, doesn’t a delicious almond milk latte to start off the morning make life better for the whole family?  I thought so.  So the Breville Espresso Machine is number five on the list of Best Family Holiday Gifts of the year. I know this machine has a hefty price tag but if you’re going to grab a coffee everyday at your fav coffee shop, sometimes twice a day, it is soooooo worth it.  Our latte habit was a bit out of control and this machine totally saved us.  It’s easy to use and makes killer lattes.  Definitely recommend and I bet you can find one with a coupon for Black Friday.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018Last year I created a list of all of my favorite art supplies.  I haven’t changed on most of those items though I’ve added a few of my very favorite no mess art supplies below. Nobody wants a mess.  I get it.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018thin Kwik Stix

If your kids love to paint, but you can’t stand the mess, Kwik Stix Paint Markers are the way to go.  We use these guys all the time.  They come in great neon, metallic and rainbow colors.  They dry in about a minute and we love the way they glide on paper.  Kwik Stix are a constant in both the art studio and our home.  Definitely a great purchase for your art area, no matter how big or small. We make big family signs with these all the time, like the one below for grandma.  I’ve also written two posts about these markers if you want some more ideas.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies for 2018Personalized Art You’ll Want to Frame

Make Your Own City

MT Washi Tape

Anyone else totally frustrated by washi tape lately.  I mean, what is the deal? It doesn’t stick now that every company and their mother makes washi tape.  Mt Washi Tape STICKS.  The colors are beautiful and they have really cool patterns.  This is tape I can recommend.

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018Art Supply Organizer

We’ve had our art supply organizer for 4 years and I love it just as much as I did when we first got it.  It used to be my go to present for friends but unfortunately you can’t buy it for 19 dollars on Amazon anymore.  Boon sells it but the price is pretty steep. I know it’s a bummer.  I will say this though, it will be something you’ll love for years and will grow with you as your kids grow, so you might decide it’s worth it.


Are you a sticker fan?  We (especially me) love stickers.  Pipsticks is a super cool sticker subscription membership where you get a bunch of really fresh, fun stickers every month to create with.  We use them for all kinds of projects including collages, sticker stories and making note cards.  It’s a great gift item for someone you love too.

Kid Art and Literature BoxKid Art Lit Subscription Box

Another subscription I love is KidArtLit’s Art and Literature subscription box.  The maker’s are great friends of mine and they’ve done a killer job combining process art with gorgeous books to create ready to go inspired art making at home.  They even incorporate the box into the project.  This one might be a great idea for a grandparent to gift the grandkids.  It’s an absolutely lovely gift idea any family would love to have.

Process Art Toolkit for Parents - Everything you need to know about Process Art for KidsProcess Art Toolkit – Of course I have to include my favorite gift of all, The Process Art Toolkit.  It has everything you could possibly want to know about Process Art including over 30 ideas you can implement immediately.

If you know for sure you want to buy the Toolkit click here.  If you want to learn more about it, click here for all the info plus access to the Process Art Workshop coming up in LA.

I hope you like the list and I introduced you to some new great items.  Happy Holidays to you!!! xo, Meri

Best Family Gifts and Art Supplies  for 2018This post was sponsored by Kwik Stix and Fort Magic.  All opinions and ideas are my own.