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Live Process Art WorkshopThe Process Art Workshop is back! It was such an amazing success, we’ve decided to do it again…and again and again.

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Process Art Workshop 


Process Art Workshops at Meri Cherry Art Studio will include…

Live Process Art Workshop

*The Online Process Art Toolkit – a download link and a printed version at the event

*6 Hour Process Art Workshop with Likeminded Women, Teachers and Moms Learning, Sharing and Being Creative Together

*A Walk Through the Tool Kit as we practice hands on Process Art Invitations to Create and activities

*A collaborate Process Art Experience

*A lovely catered dinner from a favorite local restaurant

*Q & A with Meri Cherry and Team

*Certification of 6 Staff Development Hours upon Request

*A Special Curated Open Studio Experience You Will Love

Live Process Art WorkhopThese fabulous women joined the first workshop and here is a snippet of what they had to say about their experience…

“The workshop ran very smoothly, giving the perfect amount of time for each activity. I loved that we got a peek into each aspect of what you do in your studio. I have already taken what I learned home to my own kids, and to my private lessons as well. Thank you for putting on this wonderful workshop!”

“That sped by so fast! It was also the best workshop I’ve attended in the past three years. Your pacing and organization were superb. Thanks for all you’ve been doing for years! You’re an inspiration to us all!”

“Thank you for such a special workshop yesterday. You are amazing! I am so grateful to you for inspiring and connecting us all, and for sharing your experiences and knowledge.”

“I want to say thank you for this wonderful unforgettable day, for your genereosity in sharing your experience with us. You do a great job!!”


Live Process Art WorkshopWe are so grateful for all the connections that have been made so far, and the amazing Process Art rippling effect that is happening as a result of these workshops.  We will continue to reflect on each workshop and tweak it based on all the thoughtful feedback we’ve been receiving so that each workshop is the best it can possibly be.  This is the beginning of a fantastic journey we are so excited about.

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Live Process Art WorkshopIf you have any questions about the workshop, please don’t hesitate to email me directly at meri@mericherry.com.

Live Process Art WorkshopHappy happy holidays.  with love of the process, Meri Cherry and Team

Live Process Art Workshop