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Neon Modern Mobiles for KidsI am so pumped about these Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids.  They are so cool and fun to make, my favorite combo.  I have three different versions to share.  If you have a child in the 4-6 range, the neon modern mobiles might be perfect.  If you have a child a little older, head over to Kid Made Modern and check out these fancy Metallic Modern Mobiles.  Modern Mobiles are super fun and surprisingly easy to make using a hook and latch system.  Check it out.

Neon Modern Mobiles for KidsMaterials

You’ll Need…

the Kid Made Modern Bright Bundle Kit


a whole puncher


Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids1. Pick out a piece of the neon sticker board as your “base.” You’re not going to use it as a sticker for this project.  Just keep it as is.  Add washi tape in any cool design you want and hole punch three holes.  Everything you need for decorating is right inside the kit.  It’s like a one stop shop of super cool materials.

Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids2. Pick out a few other pieces of neon sticker board and cut into different shapes.  Hole punch the top and bottom of each shape.

3. Next, cut up a few pipe cleaners approximately in half.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  Demonstrate for your child how to curve the ends so they become a hook.  Younger kids might need a little help with this part. You might want to add a few beads to the middle of the pipe cleaner before you curve the ends.

Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids4. Okay, now you’re ready to hook and latch.  Hook in a pipe cleaner to your “base” and then latch a shape on to the bottom hook.  It may take a little practice but soon your child will start to get it.  You can squeeze the hook a little to make it extra secure but you don’t really need to.

Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids5.  Keep hooking and latching until you have three strands dangling from your modern mobile.

6. Hole punch the top two sides of your “base” and tie a little rainbow string (also in the kit.) Add beads before tying the second side if you want.  Hang in your favorite spot.

Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids*Secret Tip for Kids* If you want, do step 6 first and hang.  Then use the hook and latch method while the mobile is hanging.  Some kids might find this a little easier to manage.  Gravity will be on your side : )

Neon Modern Mobiles for KidsPlease send over a pic if you give this a try.  The Kid Made Modern Kits come in all color combos and make the perfect birthday party gift.  You could even make modern mobiles for kids as a birthday activity.  They are so much fun.

Neon Modern Mobiles for KidsThanks for reading along! Don’t forget to check out our super fancy metallic modern mobiles over on KMM.  xo, Meri

Neon Modern Mobiles for KidsThis post was sponsored by Kid Made Modern.  All opinions are my own.