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Make your own trophies for someone specialOh my goodness.  I could not be more in love with these handmade trophies for someone special. We first made Father’s Day Trophies with a fantastic craft kit by Kid Made Modern that I highly recommend, especially if you want to keep all your crafts contained in one spot.  Then, we went a little next level with our 3-5 year old Process Art classes and let me just say, wow, yes please, and oh no you ditn’t?!

Make your own trophies for someone specialPretty much every trophy came out so amazing we had to take five million pictures and all the moms had to take a million more and then we all melted all over the studio.  It was just too good.  I think it’s the handmade notes on these that just go straight to the heart.  We actually add quotes from the kids as much as we can to their art.  That’s the stuff we want to look back on right?  Read those little innocent, unedited thoughts, and gush about how sweet our kids were once upon a time?

Make your own trophies for someone specialJust look at this little happy face! I could just eat her up.  The whole process for handmade trophies is great and you really can’t go wrong.  I’ll do a quick walk threw below and don’t forget to click over to this post to see another super cool handmade trophy for Father’s Day.

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You’ll Need…

thick watercolor paper

oil pastels

liquid or regular watercolors

white glue (we put ours in a recycled container with a brush)

lots of cut up bits to add for decor (cut up pipe cleaners and straws, gems, sequins, felt and shiny paper)

a little piece of watercolor paper to write your note in marker

Make your own trophies for someone specialMake your own trophies for someone specialSteps

1. Talk with your child about someone special they’d love to give a trophy too.  Handmade Trophies are great for end of the year gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or any time you want to tell someone they rule.

2. Cut out a simple trophy shape from a piece of watercolor paper. Here’s a little trick.  Fold a piece of watercolor paper in half the long way.  Draw half the trophy along side the seem of the folded paper.  Cut out your design while the paper is folded.  Open it up and you will have a symmetrical trophy.  You’ll have to use an exacto knife for the little holes inside the handles, or puncture with a scissor and cut out the holes.  Hope that helps!

Make your own trophies for someone special3. Invite your child to make all kinds of details and pictures and designs with the oil pastels.  When they are finished, bring out the watercolors.  If you’re a long time follower, you know, I never put all the materials out at once.  If you see that in a picture it’s because it’s at the tail end of a process.  We go step by step, material by material.

4. Begin to bring out different embellishments to add to their trophy and make it extra special.  This is the really fun part where they can infuse the trophy with love and detail.

Make your own trophies for someone special5. Lastly, you’re going to get out that little white rectangle of paper and write down a message for that special someone and glue it on your trophy.

6. Let everything dry thoroughly and you’re ready to make someone’s day.

Make your own trophies for someone specialThe handmade trophy below was made by gluing pasta onto cut out cardboard and then spray painting gold.  This is a great one for a toddler (minus the spray painting part.)

Make your own trophies for someone specialEach one of these trophies is sweeter than the next.  I want someone to make me a trophy! Maybe I’ll make myself a gigantic trophy made out of all of my favorite things.  Is that weird?

Make your own trophies for someone specialHowever you do this, have a great time and please tag me on instagram at @mericherryla I’d love to see your trophy!

Make your own trophies for someone specialThanks for reading along.  Happy almost summer. xo, Meri

Make your own trophies for someone special