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Great Gifts for the Whole Family Every year around this time I like to share great holidays gifts  for the whole family.  My girls are six and seven years old and Ev and I are, well, adults. Here is a list of what we have absolutely loved this year and would definitely recommend for the family.

Here is last years list, which I still love everything on, as well as the year before. My girls are still rocking there scooters and playing on the dome, just faster with more skills. Both of these items especially are worth every penny.

Here’s this years list. Hope you like it!

*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your support.

Instax camera polaroid for kids is awesomeDSC087521.  Instax camera and case – We LOVE this camera.  Diana got it for her birthday when she turned 6. We really stressed the importance of making important decisions about what pictures she wants to take because there are only ten pics in a pack and they are expensive. The talk worked and the kids are really selective.  It’s super fun.  Highly recommend the case and camera.

Family Cork WallFamily Cork Wall2. A Family Cork Wall – We put in a cork wall when we redid our kitchen earlier this year. It was surprisingly simple to instal (for the handyman, not me, but still pretty straight forward) and we just love it.  A cork wall is always changing and evolving, reflecting what’s going on in the home and what everyone is up to. Plus, it’s really functional.  We finally have a spot for all those papers that come home in the kid’s backpacks.  Here’s the full cork wall post.  I put links to all the materials in that post.

Arhoj ceramics are my fav holiday gift for mom3. Pottery from Arhoj – This is my very favorite pottery.  It’s really hard not to buy everything in their shop all the way from Copenhagen.  I am dying to visit and see everything in person. The mugs are the perfect size and they are all so pretty and smooth and basically delightful in every way.  This is a great present for mom and any coffee or tea drinkers in your life.  Each piece is different and special and you’ll make someone really happy if you get them one. (Please tell Ev)


Blokus - super fun family game4. Blokus – This is such a fun family game. Both Ev and I are puzzle lovers, so this game is fun for us and the kids. Diana got it as a birthday gift and we all love it, including grandma and papa. Super fun strategy and spatial awareness game.

Strong is the New Pretty5. Strong is the New Pretty Book – We  love this book. The photography is incredible.  There are tons of pictures of girls being girls.  Each photo is accompanied by a quote by the girl in the picture and her age.  The photos spark empathy, communication, excitement and all the feels.  I really recommend it.  And if your kids aren’t into it at first, keep bringing it out and be curious about it.  It’s really become a favorite in our house and so deserving.  Strong for the win!

Best book for kids - Buddha at Bedtime6. Buddha at Bedtime book – This is Gigi’s all time favorite book. My aunt got it for her when she was born and we’ve slowly introduced it over recent years.  The stories are poignant and engaging and there are simple meditations in the back for falling asleep.  I like to get this book in bulk and give it as a birthday present.  It’s great!

Smart Watch for Kids7. Vtech Smart Watch – The girls got these watches from their grandma and they are really digging them, especially my older one.  There is a fun camera function, games and other things my girls are all hyped up on. I’m sure it has many features I don’t even know about too.

A puppy for the holidays8. A Puppy – Just kidding.  Having a puppy is soooo hard.  I’m really not encouraging you to get one, BUT, I will say this.  We are three days into our little golden doodle Violet and my girls are in heaven.  They are learning responsibility, empathy, sharing, communication, care taking, and feeling the love big time.  So even though I haven’t slept in three days, I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to learn those things too.

Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for trusting me and I hope you love all these great holiday gifts for the whole family.  xo, Meri