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The Process Art Workshop VideoThe Process Art Video is not available at this time. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when it’s back. Thank you! 

As promised on Instagram, for the second time ever, anyone around the globe can watch our Process Art Workshop from Meri Cherry Art Studio!!! I believe in the power of Process Art with all my heart.  I have been practicing it for years with thousands of children, including my own two amazing daughters.  I have seen first hand the magic of Process Art and what it can do and now I have a concrete way to share it with you and I am so excited.

(*Process Art is art that’s all about the making and the doing rather than the finished product.)

Live Process Art WorkshopIn The Process Art Workshop Video, previously recorded at Meri Cherry Art Studio with several educators and parents as participants…

**I go over Invitations to Create directly from The Process Art Toolkit, including set up, supplies and best practices.

**I answer frequently asked questions from educators and parents on how to have the best experience within each invitation and offer step by step insights into each invitation and how to extend each one.

**I explicitly walk you through one of our absolute favorite art lessons, providing the language I use with my students, how to manage each step, use all the materials, and make the experience fun for all different developmental levels.

**AND, never before seen because this is actually not even in the toolkit, I walk you through a step by step collaborative mural, how we do it in the studio over several weeks so you too can create a group masterpiece with your community, family, or students.

The Process Art Workshop Video