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Holiday Crafts for KidsWe’ve done so many holiday crafts for kids over the years.  I’ve put some of our favorites all together here so you can pic and choose what looks fun.  My girl’s favorite was Christmas Cloud Dough.  My favorite was probably the washi tape mural, back when all washi tape was actually sticky, and the temporary mosaics. If you make the Crazy Christmas Cookies, maybe don’t actually eat them. They look great and are super fun to make, but taste kinda gross.  What can I say? I’m not a baker.  Happy Holidays!

Easy Washi Tape Holiday Wall Mural

Shadow Box OrnamentsShadow Box Ornaments

Winter Wonderland Salt Painting

Winter Wonderland Salt Painting

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for KidsHoliday Centerpiece

Art Gift Baskets for kids

Art Gift Baskets – in case you need some ideas for presents. This list is over four years old I think but I still stand by everything in it, especially do it yourself face painting for kids. So much fun!

Holiday Temporary Mosaic Art for Kids

Holiday Mosaic Art 

Holiday No Mess Mural for kids

No Mess Holiday Art in a Tub

jingle bell noise makers

Jingle Bell Noise Makers

christmas cloud dough

Christmas Cloud Dough – My girls LOVED this!

christmas cookies

Christmas Cookies

Marbled Ornaments for KidsMarbled Ornaments

Ok, and this has nothing to do with Process Art but hey, it’s still pretty fun.

Santa Binoculars

Santa Binoculars

Happy Holidays! xo, Meri