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Dream Catchers for Valentine's DayWe made these super simple dream catchers for Valentine’s Day yesterday in the studio. They are so sweet, I thought you’d like them too. We make dream catchers all the time around here and there are about a million and one ways to make them. Here is the most simple version we’ve found.

Dream Catchers for Valentine's DayYou’ll need…

an embroidery hoop, any size

some paint, either watercolors (will dry quickly so that’s great) or tempera

glitter *optional


beads (we cut up paper straws a lot for beads)

wood hearts

a strong hole puncher

string for beading. we used lanyard (if you use lanyard too, you’ll need to put a little glue gun dollop where you tie, so the lanyard doesn’t untie.)

Dream Catchers for Valentine's DaySteps

1. Paint your embroidery hoop with the paint of your choice.  If you use tempera paint you can sprinkle on some glitter and the paint will act as glue.  Let dry.

2. Choose your favorite yarn and tie an end to the hoop.  Wrap the yarn around and around the hoop and then either tie a knot on the end or put a little dab of glue gun.  You will need to make sure the yarn is taut or it will fall off. You can use different color pieces of yarn and layer or add some beads onto your yarn as you go to get a little more crafty with it.

3. Tie a piece of string to the bottom of the embroidery hoop and string with beads. Place as many beads as you want.  At the end of the beaded string add your wood hearts.  You’ll need to put a little hole with a strong hole puncher.  This is the one I like.  It’s a little pricey but it’s worth it.  We use it for all kinds of projects.

4. Paint and glitter your hearts with the same paints you used earlier.  You can paint the hearts at the same time as the embroidery hoop if you want, so they are ready to go.

Hang and enjoy!

If you like these dream catchers, you might also like our Love Catchers from a few years back.  They are also simple and super fun. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Dream Catchers for Valentine's Day